Friday, April 17, 2009

Milestones and Photos

How sweet is this...(disclaimer) sorry they are taken on my phone so not so great of Quality;)

Okay so here is the new JEEP ta dah!!!!

We headed to Mesquite for Easter at Grandma and Grandpa's...Riley Loves to go there...This was our first LONG trip in the car since we have given up the BINKY, so we were a little nervous about how long the trip was actually going to feel! But to our surprise he did great and did not even ask for it once! I could not believe it and what I really realized it that I was the one holding on to it I think in an effort to keep him small and hold on to his fleeting babyhood. It was not really planned to take it away since he really only had it in the car and at night when he went to bed but one day he was looking for it and he says

Riley: "where's Rileys bo bo go?" (as he was shrugging his shoulders and then he says)

Riley:"Big Truck took Bo bo's all gone?"

(Right then I had a light bulb turn on and I seized the opportunity and said...)

Me: "YES, the big truck did take your bo bo and gave them to all the little babies." My baby is a GENIUS...It totally made sense to him and he has the perfect cause and effect!

Well, it worked! We have not needed it since and really we don't even miss it...It's amazing how some things are easier than expected!
The next big thing we conquered this week was moving Riley to his new room downstairs. Again no Problem, he did so good and I think that the new car and truck sheets helped! So were doing good and getting ready for the baby, although (and I'm sure every 2nd mom can relate) I don't want to rush my little Ry Guy to grow up to fast.

Here is Riley coloring Easter Eggs with a marker.....

And here is the final product....