Thursday, August 21, 2008

On a Random Note...Things I've needed to post but have been to LaZY!

Riley had to take his Motorcycle to bed the other night and I went in to check on him...this is what I found...totally addicted to all things BOY!

The FENCE is DoNe...Dun Dun Dun Dah!!! Thankyou Parker!!! They look beautiful!

My mom and Hunter came up a few weeks ago...We headed up to Park City to do the Alpine slides...We had so much fun, thanks for coming up mom!!! We love you guys!

Aaron's Big Day

So it was Aaron's birthday on Aug 17th!!! He is 28, man were getting old, Right? Well, what can I say about this guy..if any one deserves a great birthday its him! Aaron and I met when we were in High School, and I fell in love with him my senior year and have been head over heels since. Aaron is an amazing person, so genuine and kind to all the he meets. He is an incredibly hard worker which I know he gets from his parents. If Riley turns out like daddy I could not ask for a better gift as a mother. I am a lucky girl to have him in my life and I am so glad the stars lined up just right for me to meet him and claim him as my own. FYI that is why we got married so young...I totally did not want him on the market long enough to get snagged by some other chick!
Like most good birthdays we celebrated all weekend, Saturday we went to the Texas Roadhouse where Aaron rode the saddle gave us all his infamous Yee Haw, then Sunday (his actual birthday) we went to church and then meet up with Scott and Krista for a drive up the canyon to Mt Pleasant. And Monday night I surprised Aaron with dinner and a concert at La Caille ( a really beautiful French restaurant...for my fam down south) Scott and Krista drove up from Springville to watch Riley for us..Thank you so Much! We had an amazing time, the food and concert were awesome! Unfortunately, I was unable to capture it fully with pictures because my battery needed to be charged in the camera...I was only able to get 3 Pictures! And with how pricey La Caille is that might be the first and last visit....But Let's hope not! So here are the 3 pictures...

This is the cobble stone road heading into La Caille

This is a sweet little cottage that you can rent for about a Million per night!!!

This is us on the grass waiting for the concert....And thats all she wrote.....Sorry!