Monday, June 30, 2008


So I had AnOtHeR birthday...I worked so at first it just felt like another day and then i really did feel special when all sorts of people go out of their way to make me feel special.. Dr L got us all Cafe Rio for lunch and he and his wife also got me a digital scrapbooking program that I had been wanting, I thought that was so great of them. My sweet mother in-law sent me flowers, all my family called me and alot of my sweet friends called including one of my best friends from hygiene school in Las Vegas( she is so good about remembering bithdays) I just love her....Thanks Libby. Also, my cute visiting teachers brought me a homemade ChOclAtE cake and a gift...So Nice of Them. All in all I am a wonderful birhtday and I am grateful for my day.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summertime and the Livin's Easy..

What has been occupying so much of my most valuable time that there is little to spare on blogging....(Trying to make it seem like I am so busy....Let's be honest, I have just been lazy! Sorry;)

Eating Popsicles

Eating Popsicles with Hunter (my Little brother) and Caden (My nephew)

Making Smores...on the stove...classy right?

Making cupcakes for book club tonight...

I love this Picture..

Licking the spoon....Don't worry book club girls...this was at the very end!

Okay everything has involved FOOD so Far? So this next picture is fitting.... Riley loves to walk around with my toothbrush...

Playing in the back yard with the playplace we inherited from my GrEaT InLaWs! Don't mind Ry Guys atire( Not sure what he is wearing...)

Reading....Of course

And Endless, Endless, Endless YaRdWoRK! Tons of Weeds continually emerge...Will it Ever StOP? I am for sure going to have a talk with Adam and Eve when I get there...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Forgot to mention...

Riley made it through the entire 3 hours of church without a single melt down...

I made it through the entire 3 hours of church without a single melt down....

We tried to go up to American Fork canyon to roast hot dogs for Fathers day with Scott and Krista but apparently all of Highland, AF and Alpine had the same idea and there were no spots so we tried a park...(not liking that so much) So we ended up back in our own back yard! Then because it was Fathers Day and only because it was Fathers Day we let Aaron bet us in a game of Monopoly...(Aaron is a Monopoly tyrant and must ALLWAYS win!) Okay then Aaron full on says I hope that this is a gift card to Rocky Mountain Power Sports as he is opening the cute card and gift I gave him witch was a really nice pair of pants and a shirt...Whatever, he looks way hotter in that then a gift card? Happy Fathers Day

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Not much to Report...

So I have been really slow on the blogging but there really hasn't been to much to blog about...just kinda the same old for us! Although I do have to have to toot Aaron's horn and say CONGRATS because he got a promotion at work (Salt Lake City) I am not sure of the official title bit the important thing is that is involves a raise!!!! This is a big deal for him because he has only worked there for about 7 months and there was someone who had worked there 7 years who was going up against him! Aaron is well liked and a super hard worker and I am so proud of him! Anyway, I guess we are staying here for a while.....We all ways go back in forth on moving back home or not but things are good here and we really can't complain, We just miss our family!! Okay so there is a quick update