Saturday, December 29, 2007

Don't Worry

Okay, I know you have been holding your breath since the tragic "phone accidents", Well, at ease....I got a new one! Aaron gets to keep the one he cracked and mine was replaced! Whew, glad thats over ( and I'm sure Aaron is tired of hearing about it) Notice the case as well.......

Oh...and here are some very cute pics of Mom's little man...He knows where all the good stuff is......

Friday, December 28, 2007

I Know...Its been a while.....Here is our Christmas!!

I'm sorry to my 1.... maybe 2 readers...I haven't been very good about posting...And I reminded myself why when I spent like an hour getting the post put together!!! Anyhoo, We had a great Christmas! We went down to Mesquite and St. George( Side Note: It was soooo warm and beautiful!) Notice....I have no pictures with Santa! I am officially a bad mom, We were just a few people away in line a Tuacan on Saturday night( nothing like waiting until the last minute) and all of the sudden Riley did not feel Good! You know what that means...Yeah he throw up all over us, So Mission Santa ABORT!!! Well, here are some of the pics we did get....

Riley Bean Christmas Morning

A New Car!!

Papa handing out presents Christmas Morning

Zoey showing off the latest in Christmas doggy fashion...Sorry Laurie;)

Grandma got all the kids Moon Shoes....

Papa and Riley( and yes Riley has a bubba tooth binky in....So Funny)

Me, Mom and Ry Guy

My Beautiful Mom and Riley

Grandpa Dave( my mom's dad) and Riley

Putting out thr Reindeer food...

Cousins ;)
Christmas was great, It is awesome having a baby this year....All the cliches are true it totally changes your perspective on things... I really love my little blessing..Thankyou to all our Family, we love you So Much! Hope you all have a great New Year!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Tis the Season....

So I have to say I am really enjoying this Holiday Season...I am so glad that we have a time of year that we openly discuss on Tv, Radio etc...the spirit of giving, and Peace, Love. I was thinking the other day as I was driving, when else would I be hearing an uplifting story on the radio were it not for Christmas? I found this sweet little prayer in our Christmas devotional book.......
"Dear Lord, in this season of anticipation, renew my sense of wonder and excitement. When the days speed by help me slow down enough to open my eyes. Remind me why I'm waiting- and why its worth waiting for. And Remind me always that the waiting is not in vain-that you have come, and that you are coming, and that it's all going to be good."

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bad Boy...

So remember my previous post about Mcforgetful not emptying his pockets and his cell phone being washed....(Which I have to say there was an overwhelming consensus that most of you were on my side and do not empty pockets either) Well, after that unfortunate event another tragedy occured! Aaron went about 2 days without taking a cell phone with him to work and by the third day he just had to have one so he begged to take mine.......Mistake....So he comes home that very day and says " If I tell you something bad will it ruin our night?" Okay that's a loaded question! Well, I am not a very patient person and I just had to know what he was talking about.....He shows me this....

What the BEEP is that all about!!!!!!!Now he is definitely on the naughty list!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow...

So this is our last minute attempt to get a Christmas picture to send with our cards..It turned out okay I think...For using the self timer and all ;) I had to promise to watch an entire football game with Aaron to bribe him out of the house, but alas another family picture down! FYI- Go Patriots!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


For FHE this week we made gingerbread houses.....this was actually my friend Krista's idea and I am so glad we did it was so Fun...and look how cute it turned out :)

This is Aaron and I acting as the General Contractors in Gingerbreadville.......I think we may have eaten more icing than what made it on the actual house! Yum

This last weekend was our 7 year anniversary!!!! Wow where does the time go? Hold on I am going to get a little sappy.....I am so lucky to be married to such a great guy! I have an amazingly sexy, sweet, thoughtful, caring, empathetic, warm, giving, hilarious, easy going, forgiving, talanted( just give him a paperclip and some duck tape and he can do anything) husband!!! I am so glad he loves me too! P.s Don't mind the's not a very good one;)

Monday, December 3, 2007

To Empty or not to Empty...that is the question?

So my stance is that I DO NOT empty pants pockets when doing laundry! I figure it takes less time to empty them as you are getting undressed than for me to go through all of the pockets myself Right???? Well, althought this has been my stance ever since I have started to do our laundry for some reason my dear husband refuses to follow this simple rule and as a result I have washed many things......Aaron will quickly remind you of the time I once washed a whole notebook, spiral ring and all. I know, you are thinking how was that in a pocket, Well, that was actually on top of the dryer and had fallen in....So, again not my fault:) He,he. Okay, so case in point for this blog...This weekend I washed Aaron's cell phone! I am truly sorry although I quickly reminded him that I DO NOT empty pockets! His argument was that it really wasn't in the laudry basket yet it was just lying on top? The cell phone was starting to dry out and it looks like there is a chance it might work again! Lets hope so because we just got them a few months ago!!!!! SO do you empty pockets??? Am I a bad Wife???

Friday, November 23, 2007

My First Hosting of Thanksgiving!!!!

Has anyone heard of an oven catching fire while the turkey cooks inside??? Yeah, MiNe DiD!!! The turkey had been in for about 2 hours and all of the sudden we here a loud noise from the oven and a burst of a flame......Frantically we called out for Tony( my firefighter brother in-law) and Aaron cuz we are girls what do we know........Well of course as soon as they run up from the basement where the football marathon was being held most of the flames had died down and upon further investigation we discovered that is was the coil inside! So what did we do you ask? Well, we called our neighbors ( Aaron and Jacque ) who were smart and were eating at their parents house!!! Anyhoo, they let us barrow their oven for the turkey, rolls and stuffing....So all was well....So I guess I couldn't expect things to be uneventful....I mean its me we are talking about!!! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!!!
(Note- the images above are reenactments of the actual event...with the help of Aaron's imagination and a fog machine:)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Diaper Houdini.....Oh Dear!

Wow, look what we learned to do today!!! We now know how to take off our diaper in the crib!!!So I go in to get Riley from his morning nap and his pants are off....Okay that happens all the time but the kicker is that the diaper is off too!!! Then I go to get the camera and he freaks out..hence the sad face, but I had to get a picture of this!!!! Because I'm sure it will only happen this once ...Right!

Thanksgiving...Oh My

So my family is all coming to MY HOUSE this year for Thanksgiving.....Okay I have never cooked a Turkey!!! If you have any sugguestions let me know or just wish me luck! My sister happens to be a fabulous cook, so I am leaning on her heavily. My mom says she is going to be focusing in the grandkids? Is that legal- she is totally tapping out on us!!! It should prove to be an exciting week !!! I will let you know......

Friday, November 16, 2007

RiLeY DeAn WOoDs

So I am a little bit late posting this one....We went to his 9 month check-up( about 1 and a half weeks ago) and he is gaining some weight!!!! I AM actually feeding him!! Why can't it be a good thing when I'm gaining weight also??? Who made these rules anyway?! So here are his stats....
Weight- 17 lbs
Length- 28.5 in
Head -46 cm
So you can all sleep a little better tonight knowing Riley is completely healthy and normal!

Monday, November 12, 2007

True Confessions of Gratitude

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I must let you all know how grateful I am for our dear friends Aaron and Jacque who......happen to live next door! We love them sooo much and have such funny times together( Thanks Wendy..they know what I mean) Anyhoo, I just want them to know that we think they are awesome.....And I have a confession for them....I will address later in the post...

Above is Aaron P and Aaron W working on Aaron P's basement, noticed the crazed look in Aaron W's eyes and the homeboy smirk on Aaron P's face.....Oh Geez !!!! ( that's for you Lar...:)Oh....and by the way I don't think that those are orbes in the picture, they had just cut down a wall and there was a ton of dust....Did I just shoot down the whole orbe theory??

Okay, Okay the confession.....So the other night I had to go to Aaron and Jacque's house to retrieve something off of their door step, when I got there I looked down and saw a very good looking plate of cupcakes that someone had left them. In a split decision, I took one........There was like 10 of em' and I didn't think that they would mind! IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!! I really dont regret it, although I do realize it wasn't very nice:) Aaron made fun of me so much that night and made me tell Jacque the next day, She forgives me and understands that I have zero self control with yummy treats around!!!! So anyway, that is my confession and expression of gratitude for both our dear friends and pumpkin muffins with a ton of cream cheese icing!!! Forgive Me! So I made them some Pumpkin Choc Chip Cookies to make it up to them.....

Thursday, November 8, 2007

United First Financial??

So Latley I've heard alot about a company called United First Financial...You might have too.?! It is Basicaly a company that sells a progam designed to explain how to use a HELOC to pay off all your debt including your house!!! Aaron who is usually the optimist in the family is really unsure about it and thinks it sounds to good to be true,(Probaly so right?) me on the other hand (who would usually say the same thing) I would like to learn more about it and see?!! Has anyone else heard of it?

Monday, November 5, 2007

Cupids Arrow has struck

This weekend we headed to Mesquite to attend the weeding of our dear , dear friends Bethany and Terry! Congrats to you both! Funny story...... Bethany is Aaron's cousin on his mothers side and Terry is Aaron's cousin on his fathers side. And Aaron is the one who set them up only a few months ago!! I'll admit I was not sure if they would really go together but apparently I was wrong!!! Here's to living Happily Ever After!!! We love you both
Here are just a few of my favs of Ry-Guy! I love his piercing blue eyes and his cute toothless smile.....I could just eat him up!! I love being called his Mommy.......

I Love You SOOO Much Riley....

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trip to the Zoo....

I thought all of you would have posted these zoo pictures by now..... We headed up the the zoo on Mon to enjoy the beatiful fall weather and get out a bit with the babes ( and the little babies too =)

This is as close to a picture of all the kids that we could get!!!! Way too busy to get a PICTURE!

This is Riley reaching for Ella's hand....We have quite the ladies man !!! Watch out mothers of cute little girls everywhere!


Am I inadequate to blog?! I feel like alot of the blogs I look at are very charming, smart, funny and honest! Mine has mostly been pictures and fairly superficial. I was blessed with a gift of tongue ( talking that is....) my husband would defiantly agree with this....( the talking part..=) I can talk with the best of them and even sounds quite intelligent at times(sound that is )!? Although when it comes to writing I am like a deer caught in the head lights! What is wrong with me....Anyway, I am just saying that I am a little jealous of those of you( and you know who you are! ) who really know how to put the words on the page and sound so good doing it! Hale, to you witty bloggers...Stick with me I'm trying to make things a little more interesting!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

We headed to Toole to hang out with Aaron's brother Miles and his family for Halloween. Aaron wanted to scare all the that came trick or treating and there are tons of kids in Miles neighborhood. If you know Aaron at all you have realized that he basicially lives for Halloween! Why, you ask am I posting this at 11:30 pm when I work tommarrow....I'm asking myself the same question?! It is the last day of October and I guess I feel I must get the Halloween Pics in before it is all over. So here they are Enjoy......

Riley the fierce LIoN and Emma the Wicked WiTCh

This is Aaron with all the kids...As you can see from the background Miles loves all that is Halloween as well.....( Runs in the Fam)
Below Aaron holding Riley...I was a we bit nervous since my husband is on stilts and stands 10 ft tall holding our baby, but all was well...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Random Pics from this weekend....

Day 2 of Woods Halloween Vacation

We started the day off with a bang...We headed to IHOP for a breakfast and a birthday party for my little niece who turned 8!!! Everything was going great until it took like an hour for our food...and we are talking about IHOP not a five star restaurant here!!! I was a little peeved when people were coming and going all around us! Well, alas our food arrived and we left for Lagoon with full tummies!

We made it all in one piece....Here are all of the kids at Lagoon in the shirts that grandma gave us all to wear today!!!! A little note about my mother in- law, She is one of the most amazing women I have ever known, she has no half way button everything that she puts her hands on turns to gold, she is incredibly self-less and giving...She puts forth so much effort for her children and grand children to have a wonderful time and this weekend was no exception! Here birthday was on the 25th and she really just wants everyone to get together and have a good time to celebrate!! Happy Birthday Carol!!!!

I love this shot of Aaron and Ry Guy on the train....

Riley trying Dippin Dots....they were a hit obviously...what is all this about babies not having ice cream? Dont tell my pediatrician.....( He only had a little .....I promise)

Then we headed back home to have a sleep over and eat a ton of snacks and pizza!!!! We put out the sleeping bags and put on a movie.....Of course they fell asleep fast......So Party, all the adults went to a Haunted house downtown!!! Every year I dread Aaron begging me to go to haunted houses with him! I really hate them but all of my brother and sister-in- laws were going so I really had no choice in the matter. After wards we went to sonic for a late night snack, 35 dollars in junk food and a waitress who repeated our order about 10 times, Krissy who almost chocked to death Oh my gosh we had such a fun time!!!!