Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Riley describes any thing that is rough as Sharp...So his favorite blanket after one million washes is now SHARP.... Daddy's facial hair is Sharp. My legs the other night when we we cuddling on the couch...Sharp;)
And he thinks being sharp means you work...AKA daddy was allways working on our house and so he was SOOO Sharp, so when he felt my legs he says mommy you are Sharp because you work so hard! Cute...

Also the other Sunday Aaron was holding Riley on the couch watching basketball and Riley looks up at him and says

"When I am big and you are mall..(small) I will hold you Daddy."

Sweet Uh?;)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

We are ALIVE!

Okay...I have been off my blog for so long...but we are still here! We have finished...well kind of...right? For those who know us we will allways have projects to do! My advice to all is if you can avoid it....never build a home! I have been comparing it to a new baby...the last few months are so long and the whole time you are kinda onry and tired and wonder why you got your self in that predicamint in the first place! Then you give birth..or finish the home and you are happy and forget how bad it was fairly quickly after the fact. So that being said here we are and we are loving it! We love our new house and are just know starting to feel setteled, its fun. We like our new nieghborhood...but do miss our Traverse Mountain friends though. We like being closer to things here in Lehi, rec center, library etc... Aaron has worked so hard for the last three months and I am so glad he can relax a little now and recoupe. He did such an amazing job for us and I am so proud of his work ethic and his fearless spirit, I love him. Here is how our babies are doing...

Riley turned 3...We had his Party at Chucky Cheeses..He loved it!
Fiesty as ever
Funny as ever
Adjusting well to new house

Jax 9 months old
Loves FOOD...any food, and must have mouth full throughout whole meal
Only Grunts and screams when mad
Puts his little chubby arms to the side and lifts his chest when he gets funny
Got his first tooth on the LR bottom about 2 weeks ago
Sits very well and rolls all around
No crawling though....
Sleeps really well and is really sweet
Here he is at Brothers 3rd Birthday Party..