Monday, March 31, 2008

Funny Little Boy of Mine...

In an effort to journal our lives a little bit better I thought I would post a bit about Riley and all the things he is doing right now in life....So the words he uses so far are..
Ba Ba
Ba...(AKA Bath)
Tang ueu(AKA Thank you)
Tickle, Tickle
and most recently NNNNNNNo...(emphasise on the NNN)

What he absolutely loves....
Rubbing his blanket on his binky when it is in his mouth..
Running( Well....leaning forward when walking to move his momentum forward)
Running away from us...particularly at church..
Climbing on everything he can
Being Chased...and running to any rug in the house...(I think he views this as a safe zone)
When we smell his little feet and say Stinky!!!
Singing Itsty Bitsy Spider...He puts his little fingers together and twist his hands, he also puts his arms above his head and moves form side to side during " Up Came the sun and dry ed up all the Rain"...So Cute
Pointing to things with his little chubby finger and saying "Ta Ta" ( Not sure what that means?)
Sleeping!!! He is a great Sleeper!!!
Scrunching his little lips to his nose
Last but not least...getting into everything!!!

The picture below was today when he found Tampons in the bathroom and dipped it in the Doggy water then put it in his Mouth!!! Cute Uh???? Oh Boy!!!

Oh, and I went into my Dental office for Lunch today to celebrate Dr. Lloyds B-day!!! He is finally 30....Right Dr. L?... Anyway, I forced the girls and Dr L to take a picture...SO here are all the cute people I work with at DRD...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter...

We just kinda hung around here at home for Easter, which was kinda nice...I just love hangin' out with my boys...We took Riley to a little egg hunt on Sat morning and then colored eggs, watched movies and hung out! It was a good low key weekend for us...It could have been slightly warmer but as long as there is no snow I am Happy!!! Here are our Easter Pictures, Hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!!!

A candy for each hand and that is all he wanted to pick up!

The Final Product of the Hunt...Oh so easily pleased;)

There is one fake egg....Can you spot it?

Monday, March 17, 2008

What we have been up to latley....

So I really haven't fallen off the face of the earth.....I have just have had a hard time latley putting my blog as a priority, I struggle with doing just one thing at a time so I try and multi task so much so it os hard for me to just sit down and POST!!! I really try to blog for my family so they can see how we are and what we are up to since we don't get to see them as much as we would like. And up until last weekend I wasn't even sure if they looked at the blog, but my cute sister-in law Jenn says that she does check it often and like to see us....So, I thought I should post more!!!

This last week we had my little brother who is now 13 stay with us while he was on Spring Break, It was so fun and we just love having him around! I think I might wait about 12 years to have another baby because I can not tell you how helpful a 13 year old is with a baby!!!! (Thanks Hunter...Love ya) We went out to dinner with Aaron and Jacque....So much fun!!!

My little CoWbOY at one of my favorite resturants the TeXaS RoADhoUsE!!!

Papa pulling Riley around in Mesquite! Isn't that so Cute!

We went to the Aquiraium...He LoVeD It and threw a huge tantrum when we had to leave the little sting rays!! Right Ladies!!!

My Little man....

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Melting Pot....Our night on the Town!!!

Have you been to the Melting Pot?? Well, I you haven't I strongly recommnend that you go!!! It is delectable and so much Fun...For those, who do not is a fondue resturant, they make everything fresh right in front of you on your table...Again, it is just so much fun!!! Well, this last weekend we had a chance to go with our Great friends Aaron and was an amazing time and we can't thank them enough for the good time we had!!!!We also got to leave Ry Guy home, witch was a must but very apreciated considering the post a while ago where I thought our nights of actually enjoying a resturaunt were over!!!! AHHHH...Good food, conversation, and of course CHOCOLATE!!! It was a fabulous night on the town for Us!!!!