Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Fence...Dun dun dun Da...

So this weekend Aaron is on call which means he can't go to far so what better time to do our FeNCE!!! Oh my gosh they are alot of work...I don't understand why they do not come with the House! So the Parkers and us are all slaving away including Riley..

Such Hard work

Don't you loVe the Glasses, We did too for the .5 seconds he left them on!

John Mayer and Colbie Callait

So this last week we got a sitter and everything!!! And went to John Mayer and Colbie Calliat concert with some good friends...Good Times, It was sort of a late B-day get together so I had a really good time! FYI- the Usana Amitheater is way out there!!! We sat on the grass so it was a pretty laid back time. It might have been nice to have been a little closer...maybe next time

This was actually our view for most of John Mayer!!! Pretty good Right?

WOW...It's been a While...

We have been loving the summer!!!! Here are a few pictures of the Woods adventures...
This was at the Cabin for the 4th...Must I explain! 110% all boy! With just a little help from Grandpa and his cousins Riley was offiically the dirtiest baby on the Mountain!

Then Last weekend was Aaron's Family Reunion in Kanosh! We just love going to Kanosh to enjiy the small town feel and seeing all the Family, It was a great time excluding the poor cow that my sister-in-law hit on the way back from the Hot Pots( Warm Springs)...Don't worry I think it was just a broken leg?? Anyway, we had a great weekend there...

Riley trying so hard to wait patienly before getting into the water...For anyone who knows Riley you know waiting patiently is not one of his strong points....He was doing pretty good though

In the water with DaDdY!

On the way back he insisted on walking FrEeLy I might add!!!

Riley and his cousin EmmA

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cedar Mountain for the 4th of July

So we just got back from the Cabin on Cedar Mountain for the 4th...We just love it up there! We meet Aarons Family in Cedar for their festivities then headed to the Pizza Factory for Lunch...Yummy...Riley had a melt down begging for more of Aaron's Diet Coke that we calmly and rationaly took care of by giving him a huge green apple sucker..(Note: that was my first time using the sucker trick....I'm not going to lie to was AWESOME!!!) Then we headed up the mountain....Most of out time spent at the cabin is filled with Eating then Resting, then Eat then rest, eating and resting, get the point! My Amazing mother-in-law allways has the best meals picked out for us and she is so well prepared...I am amazed at this little lady and the effort she allways put forth for the whole family to have a great time when we get together! Aaron's sister Krissy and one of his brothers John were there too with their families. John took the kids on 3 fishing trips on Saturday and caought like 6 FISH!!! Riley did not partake in the fishing...I was afraid (almost sure) we would be fishing HIM out of Duck Creek!!!! Which brings me to my next thought....Does anyone else feel like locking themselves at home with their 17 month old?? He is Mr. Independent and is really working the tantrum card...Man, he keeps me running!!! And things seem to be harder away from home! All and All he a good baby but just as much of a ring tailed TOOT!
We didn't see a huge firework show just the smaller one that they put on at Duck Creek but it was just perfect...So fun to see all of Riley's first and his eyes light up in amazmazment with a healthy dose of fear at the Fireworks!! Although, I have to say the best Fireworks are in Filmore, Utah...We went there a few years ago...You are so close the ashes are coming down right on top of you...Nothing like a little life threating fiework show...Truly Amazing.
So Pictures of the Mountain trip are to come....I am typing this in bed as we speak and way to Lazy to go get my camera, so hope you all too had a great 4th!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hard Times?

Okay this is a soap box moment so hold on....It seems like the whole world is disscussing the Hard times we are having with the gas, economy, housing market on and on and on....I just can't help to think back to a book I read not that long ago "The Secret", If you haven't read it I strongly suggest that you DO! It is hard to explain in a nut shell but mostly about the Law of Attraction in our lives and how our primary thoughts control our life's outcomes.
To bring that into my reason for this post, I feel like the country is foucsing so much on the difficulties facing us right now (the negative) that we are forgetting to be So Very Grateful for the gifts and blessings in our life (all the positive things) Therefore we are recieving more HaRd TiMeS because we are expecting them to happen! For me it is simple, I really just want to enjoy my little world and life and try hard not to camplain about the bad! I have a few family members who are having such a hard time and one that I talked to tonight where all he did was complain about the hard hand that life has dealt him and the horrible state of the world, even listening to his problems brings me down. Lets be Honest we all have issues and problems to face....I sound so cliche...Anyway, I am convinced the attitude we attack life with makes a differance! What can it hurt to remember and think of the positve and see the beauty in the world and chose to see the world as beautiful. My thoughts for the day, Thankyou...I'll be here all week!