Sunday, September 21, 2008


So some of my neighbors might noy be very happy with us but we went to a BYU game on Saturday...It was fun, I love watching LiVe football but to be honest I probaly watched the people more than the game! It was really fun though which probaly had something to with the fact that we left Ry-Guy at home with a BaBySittEr...May have been the best descion we have ever made! Now I am excited to maybe go to a night game when it gets a little cooler.......And they won...again... so go BYU!

Discalimer- don't judge us too harshly on the picture it was after about 4 hours of sun, wind, and even a little rain, it tooks us about 8 shots to get one picture where we both didn't look scary and this is the best one...pretty sad RIGHT?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What have we done Now?

Okay, so we (well Aaron..Actually) finally put a new window in our living room that we have been wanting to do for some time now. I needless to say was a little bit aprehensive about the whole "lets put a big hole in the wall" idea. But Aaron convinced me that it would be fine, and i LOVE the results. There is alot more natural light in the living room now and it looks GrEaT! In the words of Aaron "Where's Bob the Builder Now" (that is what he says to Riley every time he does something he is proud of because he thinks he is competing for Riley's admiration.....)
Anyway here is our new Window....

Friday, September 12, 2008

Wonder where Riley gets his dashing good looks?

Here are a few snapshots of Riley, Daddy and Grandpa...All my boys are so handsome don't ya think?

Shhh...Don't tell Aaron

So today this guy came to the door offering a window cleaning service..Which I ironically had been asking Aaron to help me with for the last few weeks....And those of you who know me know that I am a pretty self- sufficient girl and I can usually clean my own windows but the two strikes against me where the hard water spots and I can't WORK OUR HUGE LATTER! So nothing wrong with helping a guy make a little honest days living right? Aaron will be mad that I spent money on something he can do...but it was only 15 bucks so ToTaLy worth it in my book=) I had to sneak a few pictures without him thinking I was a total weirdo...He did a good job, but I'm totally taking the credit...SHhh don't tell Aaron

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Breaking Dawn...I know Right?

After reading my dear friend Marta's blog about her time spent volunteering in an Guatemalan orphanage ( She is Awesome!) I kinda feel like this post is a little shallow and full of teen spirit but.... Okay, So I finally finished the Breaking Dawn book....I LOVED IT!!! I thought it was the best book in the entire series! Now, I and totally am in love with Edward...a little on the fence before. I was so relieved to find Bella a little more grown up and mature and less whiny. My cute father-in-law (that has read all the books) made me a little nervous when he said she liked this one the least but I LOVED IT...Oh, I all ready said that? Anyway, kinda wishing I was a vampire now..this human life is so boring.....

Sunday, September 7, 2008

GoOd NEwS!

My braces come off in about 3.5 WeEkS!!!!
Take that PaRKeR!!

Sunday Drive

Aaron's mom and dad were in town for Brandon's ( Aaron's nephew) baptisim on Saturday. So we had the pleasure of having them stay with us for a few days! So today they offered to stay home with Riley while Aaron and I took a drive on Aaron's new bike through the American Fork Canyon and the Alpine loop...So beautiful and such a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The weather is awesome right now...but it's kinda like Sunday night when you know you have to work on Monday because winter is just around the bend...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend and TUESDAY NIGHT..

We Headed to Mesquite for the weekend...My mom got us a room at the Eureka..Classy right? Well, I must say they have been remodeling and they are looking good!! The Pool is really nice unfortunately we only spent a small amount of time there in the jacuzzi...There was a a hail storm with lightning and thunder and a serious downpour of rain on Saturday so they closed the pool most of the day! Hey, and I thought we were going where it was really warm to veg by the pool all weekend! Saturday was my moms Birthday ( she is 30!!!...Right MOM? ) So we went to dinner and tried to see a movie but because of the power outage earlier in the day they had changed the movie time to 8:15 instead of 9:05...WHAT? Why would they do that? Anyway, we had left Riley with my mom in the Hotel and when we got back we found that they had both taken a fall in the MUD!!! Just a ordinary ziggy night for our family...It's totally normal! Besides all of that it was great to see everyone including all of Aaron's family too! We love and miss them so much! Riley is quite the mommas boy and it's quite evident when we go down there..I can hardly pry him off my hip at times...(It makes me feel good though...He he)
So tonight..another ziggy moment of weakness....I locked both sets of our keys in the car! And Aaron with his frugal heart tried so hard to get in but to no avail. So We called the lock smith...and $60.00 dollars and 2 mins later and we are back in the car!!! I wanted to take a picture of the "handsome" guy who saved the day but the camera was dead.
And Aaron finally got the "indestructible phone"... On sat night in Mesquite..when we come out from dinner Aaron gets his phone out and the screen is completely cracked..mind you he has had this phone for about a week ( it was a chocolate). He said he had no idea what happened or why it was cracked!!! Mysterious right? So he goes to Verizon tonight, they work out some deal and he ends up breaking down and getting the phone he probably should have gotten about 5 phones ago!!!!
Okay now you are all up on our current events..Here are a few pics of Riley I was practicing my photography skills on...