Monday, May 18, 2009

A little boy and his new Red Wagon

So for Riley's birthday back in January I had a gift card to use and I wanted to get Riley a wagon...Okay these are not cheap like you might expect..( note to self) Anyway, I realized that I must get the double one with our blessed event coming up soon. So I finally got the wagon now that it is spring time!!!! Then it sat in the garage for a few a weeks because there was "assembly required" but alas I put the wagon together and we took it on our first walk last night. Riley absolutly LOVES it and kinda threw a little tantrum when we were done and did not get out literally for 30 mins we finally had to bribe him with 2 dum dums and even then it took some cohersion.....So Cute, I snapped these photos of him just sitting in the wagon in the garage....thinking about life and why his ride had to come to an end?


I was looking through the camera and realized that I must of forgot to post about this little story...So Riley's little friend Evan (who lives across the street) came over one night for a few hours. Which is great because it keeps Riley entertained and they have a good time together. While I was doing.....Whatever? (Who Knows?) I realized that they had been in Riley's room for a while and they were quite so sure enough I open the door to discover first of all that the door handle was very slimy and slippery and the smell of menthol filled the room! They had gotten into the Vicks Vapor rub! And let me just say that is hard to CLEAN UP! But it was so funny because they both had unzipped their jammies partially in the front to apply it to their chest...I loved it! Riley seems to have no interest in really "getting into" things (believe me he gives me other challenges!) so this was kinda a first for him and thanks to Evan they were able to unscrew the lid...Anyway, here are the Crime Scene Photos... Enjoy