Thursday, February 21, 2008 the form of a cookie..

Oaky, I know that they do not look as good as they actually were!!
Well, Thanks Julie.....My friend Julie made us some AmaZiNg SuGaR CoOkIeS for Valentines, I called her immediately for the recipe....( anyone who knows me knows that I love Cookies:) and this is the third batch I have made, I love them! They are Heaven...Did I say I love them!!!!! Don't even try to count the points that each of these cookies are!!! Remember...I am behind so here is my Valentines post....Happy Valentines

Friday, February 15, 2008

So Behind....

So I am so far behind.....This is my effort to catch up and get back into the blogging world! So here are some pictures from Ry Guys birthday...

My little one is ONE!!

We took him to Cold Stone on his actual birthday!


Riley LoVEd the IcE CrEaM!!!

The Weekend before we had a Birthday Party for him in Mesquite, He was so spoiled and he had a great time!! I thought he would be totally overwhelmed but He loved all the attention I think....It was so Fun!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blogging Loser :(

I am a total blogging loser...I have not posted for the longest time...It seems like I am not the only one though, As I looked through the blogs it looks like everyone is a little slow...Whew, I'm glad I'm not the only one!
Life is really busy for me right now and getting busier every day as Riley discovers more ways to get into things, throw little temper tantrums, make HUGE messes and develope his hilarious personality....I'm sure you all know what I mean....and I actually had a little break down the other night when I realized that our movie nights with Riley and peaceful dinners out with friends are offically over...He is way to busy for that! Thankyou to Aaron for dealing with my little breakdown( AKA Big Breakdown...;)the other night! Ah, the seasons of life.... I know that nothing is permanant and I won't be standing in the foyer of a resturant trying to get Riley to quit crying when he is 18....but I'm sure it will come so fast I'll probaly wish I was......