Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

We headed to Toole to hang out with Aaron's brother Miles and his family for Halloween. Aaron wanted to scare all the that came trick or treating and there are tons of kids in Miles neighborhood. If you know Aaron at all you have realized that he basicially lives for Halloween! Why, you ask am I posting this at 11:30 pm when I work tommarrow....I'm asking myself the same question?! It is the last day of October and I guess I feel I must get the Halloween Pics in before it is all over. So here they are Enjoy......

Riley the fierce LIoN and Emma the Wicked WiTCh

This is Aaron with all the kids...As you can see from the background Miles loves all that is Halloween as well.....( Runs in the Fam)
Below Aaron holding Riley...I was a we bit nervous since my husband is on stilts and stands 10 ft tall holding our baby, but all was well...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Random Pics from this weekend....

Day 2 of Woods Halloween Vacation

We started the day off with a bang...We headed to IHOP for a breakfast and a birthday party for my little niece who turned 8!!! Everything was going great until it took like an hour for our food...and we are talking about IHOP not a five star restaurant here!!! I was a little peeved when people were coming and going all around us! Well, alas our food arrived and we left for Lagoon with full tummies!

We made it all in one piece....Here are all of the kids at Lagoon in the shirts that grandma gave us all to wear today!!!! A little note about my mother in- law, She is one of the most amazing women I have ever known, she has no half way button everything that she puts her hands on turns to gold, she is incredibly self-less and giving...She puts forth so much effort for her children and grand children to have a wonderful time and this weekend was no exception! Here birthday was on the 25th and she really just wants everyone to get together and have a good time to celebrate!! Happy Birthday Carol!!!!

I love this shot of Aaron and Ry Guy on the train....

Riley trying Dippin Dots....they were a hit obviously...what is all this about babies not having ice cream? Dont tell my pediatrician.....( He only had a little .....I promise)

Then we headed back home to have a sleep over and eat a ton of snacks and pizza!!!! We put out the sleeping bags and put on a movie.....Of course they fell asleep fast......So Party, all the adults went to a Haunted house downtown!!! Every year I dread Aaron begging me to go to haunted houses with him! I really hate them but all of my brother and sister-in- laws were going so I really had no choice in the matter. After wards we went to sonic for a late night snack, 35 dollars in junk food and a waitress who repeated our order about 10 times, Krissy who almost chocked to death Oh my gosh we had such a fun time!!!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Okay sorry guys I posted these back words ,I know its confusing......The next post should have been first.....Anyway, you get the point!!!!

Then we headed downtown in 5:30 traffic( as shown above) to take the Haunted Tour on bus all around downtown Salt Lake.....

A spooky image dont you think? Aaron felt like the air was really cold and he also felt some sort of presence with him during this photo....I swear that is not Aarons arm and it was not there when this photo was shot?! Are you scared.....

This is were I take my 9 month old baby on Friday nights in October....A haunted cemetery.....Riley seems to be getting a little cold would anyone know why? J/K he doesn't have a cold...Don't worry Honey

Day 1

So I have the best group of inlaws that anyone could imagine!!! We have such a fun time when we all get together and you better belive when the Woods get together a few things are gaurnteed! There will be a little crying, a little whining, a little confusion, someone will get lost..., alot of Food and a ton of laughs.! Aaron's family ALL came up to visit this weekend and to have an October Bash...( And we are all staying at our house!)DAY 1 we headed to Garnder Village shopped (which the boys loved!!!) and of course ate and had goodies.......

This is Aaron pulling the stroller instead of pushing because the son was in Rileys eyes....Did I ever mention that my husband is a little bit over protective!!! I loving call him a freak when it comes to the baby! Does anyone else have a husband who will re wash every bottle because I left too many bubbles in them when I washed them!!!!! Anyway, I love it!!! ( Sometimes?!)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Mouse in Our House

So the other night Aaron and I came home to find that our back door had swung open in the strong winds (yet very rare for my neck of the woods! Right TM ladies?) , Well apparently we had not locked the door or even closed it well enough for that matter and anyway along with whatever else the wind blew in a little mouse decided to call our humble abode home for a cold fall night! Well this is no Ratatoue, and I have no warm fuzzy fillings about co-habitating with mice !!! Our dog Zoey was hot on the trail and finally after searching for alot longer than Aaron would have really wanted to we found the mouse behind our bedroom door! The thought of sleeping with a mouse lose in the house was so gross!!! Finally my prince charming found the dreaded mouse and shewed it out the door for me....We could rest easy and sleep well! Thanks My Hero

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Move Over Cafe Rio!!!

So we got this great idea from Aaron and Jackie to make our own Cafe Rio salads.... and dosent it look fabulous! I think we came pretty close! (Thanks to Julie for a few recipes as well).....Anyway we had a good time making it and an evan better time eating !!!!

Riley and Zoey- BFF , Actually Riley really like Zoey, Im not sure how mutual the feelings are? Like when Riley grapped Zoeys hair and she did growl a little , unfortunatly she got a little spankin!!!

Just watching the snow!!! Yes Snow ! People what is going on it isnt even Halloween yet!!!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Why can I not download photos?!

Does anyone else have this problem...where I get an error when I try to download pictures onto the blog......I could say a bad word but I will keep it PG ....! But does anyone have any suggestions ?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pumkins Galore!!

So We had our friends Micah and Brianne and Scott and Krista ( and girls) over on Monday night for FHE !! It was a blast , thankyou Micah and Brianne for the spirtiual thought! We carved Pumkins and had many Halloween treats....

And Riley is tapping out of the photo op.... And it looks like Kaylee has something sharp in her hands?!

I love this picture and the look on Kaylee's face is classic

I'll have you know that Aaron drew our chubby little witch by hand !

Monday, October 15, 2007

Grandpa Hale and Riley

Aaron' s Grandma and Grandpa Woods

John and Jen (Aarons brother) and our nosiey beagle dog...Zoey

Aaron playing football with the boys

Layton and Riley

Layton, Avery, Aden, and Riley... These are Riley's cousin that live in Mesquite, they are all so handsome!! We went to visit and had Sunday dinner at Aaron's moms house...Can I just tell you that she makes the best chicken noodle soup you can even imagine, well pretty much anything that she makes is fabulous! Aaron was pleased that the Patriots won and therefore we were able to have an enjoyable evening! For some reason this is the only picture that I can get to download ! How frustrating it that, Oh well I'll try tommarrow....

Got home soooo late!!!

So we went to St. George this weekend to help my mom move!!! It was a really fun weekend although it all ways presents a challenge to split our time between Aaron family and my family! How do people do it! Any way in an effort to get as much QT as possible we left so late and did not get home until about 1:30 am! Aaron had to work and I got to sleep in and Riley must have been tired as well because it slept until 11:00!!!! Wow , he is an angel ( when he is sleeping!) I have pics and I will post them later , after I climb out of my pile of Laundry......

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I've Been Tagged!!!!

The rules:A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.B. Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves.C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

1. This is alot harder than it looks....Okay, Aaron and I have been married for seven years and I am only 25 years old....You do the math!

2. I am the only one in my immediate family to have graduated from college!!

3. I have never seen the Grand Canyon and I have lived in Nevada, Utah and Arizona area most of my life!!

4. I am so thrifty( about some things ..) Aaron and I say if we ever write a book it will be.. "Never pay full price for expensive things" A How To Guide...

5. I question my mothering skills when I was dropping Riley off at my friends house and go to get him out of the back seat to find that he done a 360 in his car seat because his champion mother forgot to put the seat belt across his seat!!!!!!! Please don't call CPS , or worse...mention this to Aaron! I could not help but to laugh though!

6. Aaron got in our Attic today run some wire to find that our entire living room has no insulation above it at all!!! No wonder in the summer it is sooooo hot and in the winter soooo cold! I'm ________ that they didn't put anything there !!!!

I tag Lindz, Sara, Shanae, Marta, Michelle, Cass

Monday, October 8, 2007

So over it!!!!

Okay what happened to the 24 hour flu! I've been sick for a few days now! I think I'm finally feeling better...thank heavens! I don't know how I got sick but lets just hope I don't pass it to my whole family! Riley has a little cold but I don't think he has the flu?! Thanks to Aaron for taking care of him while I got plenty of rest this weekend, he was so patient! I think we only left the house for a total of a few hours this whole weekend! We were really able to watch all the sessions of conference and I have to say I really enjoyed it and got alot out of it this time! Maybe I was sick for a reason?!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Just Venting?!

Just Venting!!!
This Is our very used and at times way too small for Aaron's
way to big of projects.. GaRaGe!!!

This is Aaron trying to stop me from taking a picture of "his" "messy" garage!

This is Aaron threatening to moon the picture if I take it of "his"other side of the garage.
My question is.... if we are going to do a project why can we not clean up after ourselves!??!!!! And that is why my car is outside as we speak! Again just venting..........!!!!

And.....Okay......So I have a confession and I'm letting it all out... I have a slight( yet serious) addiction, Diet Dr Pepper from the Fountain of course! Now I don't have one every day but .....Every now and then I just want one!!!! So there it's out, and I have to say that my enabler is my dear sweet husband who brought this one home for me, True Love !

Note to Self......

Okay so my good friend Krista comes over and asks for help bleaching her hair.....I have no idea what I am doing!!! Thank goodness Hope was available to come and bail us out of a potentially dangerous situation! With a little tin foil and a paint brush ( Ya, a paint brush...) we had perfectly good highlights! So note to self....I cant do hair! Thanks Hope!

Sorry I forgot the after shot but it looked beautiful!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


So we went to the drag races this sum it up it was cold, loud and a ton of fun, unfourtunatly the baby ear muffs were all rented out so we had to ATEMPT to plug his ears with the ear plugs that kept falling out but apparently this didn't bother Riley to much!!! Anyway, we had a great time, thanks Amy and Jerry!!!!

Ry Guy

Im a know what I mean.......

Okay so it wasstill only Sept and it started to snow on Saturday!!! Riley enjoyed it and also practiced his balancing skills he just learned !!!!