Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Okay not sure if its the weather ( which really isn't that bad yet) or the fact that I'm a little over 3 months preg and my belly is all ready sticking TOO far out, the nausea, heartburn, or complete apathy and exhaustion but I'm just not feeling my happy little self. I hate complaints in fact I really try to avoid being too big of a complainer ( on my good days..) but I'm just feeling a little down and tired lately. My personality makes it a little hard for me because I all ways want to be "accomplishing" something but even the things that I "should" be doing I have no desire to do. What is up? Then my little Riley is totally looking at me like okay mom what are we doing today? and I'm thinking Mommy just wants to take a nap! Hopefully, I start to feel a little "normal" again as I get further along...Anyway, I want my blog to serve as form of journalism for our family so I want to write a little more about life in general.....So here its is "life" right now.
On a different note...I saw "Twilight" with my cute friends the other night and I am going to give it 4 out of 5 stars....I liked it and I was pleasantly surprised! Worth seeing for sure!
On Wends night Riley and I are heading to St. George for Thanksgiving with Aaron family, my mom is working, but Aaron has to stay home until Friday because he is on call for work..how sad is that, he wants me to go but he will be here in Lehi...He has plenty of options, our friends are very kind so he'll be okay, but it will be our first big holiday apart...Sad uh?

Friday, November 7, 2008


So we went again to Miles's house (Aarons brother) for Halloween....He goes all out and Aaron loves it! He dressed up again in his famous black costume and scared people as they came to the door!
Riley and Emma aka...monkey and Tinkerbell

Batman, Gabriella, Monkey, Pirate, and Ninja

We also headed over to our Cousin Amy's house for a Halloween party ...she is in the prosess of remodeling so she was able to spraypaint all the walls the black light spray paint! It was so fun thanks Am!